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Frequently Asked Questions about 3D Virtual Tour technology.

Q: What is this new technology?


A: It is a special camera plus software designed, manufactured, and hosted by Matterport.  The new technology creates an immersive, engaging, and realistic interactive 3D Virtual Tour of any interior space.  It gives viewers the ability to explore interior spaces in a new and fun interactive way, anytime, and on any device.

Q:  Can this help my Real Estate business?

A: Certainly, today's clients begin most new home searches online before contacting a realtor.  Virtual tours are more convenient for Sellers, Buyers, and the Realtor with less physical showings per listing and it makes house hunting faster, more cost effective, and downright fun for everyone.

Military Families are a special client all their own, they have to look up homes in the area from overseas locations and this technology gives them realistic tour of a home.  They will be more confident they have made the right decision for a home that fits their needs before contacting an agent.

It can mean more offers, coming faster, and can boost sales prices.

Say good-bye to boring slide shows and unrealistic 360-degree simulators that make spaces look unrealistic!

Q:  What types of businesses could benefit from 3D Virtual tours?

A:  The most common industry jumping to use this new and amazing technology are Real Estate agents and Commercial Property managers however; the technology is not just limited to one industry. 

Apartments, Living Communities, Bed and Breakfast, Hotel Resorts, Museums, and Restaurants are also using this technology to invite new clientele every day by offering a fun and interactive way to engage people. 

Insurance claims adjusters can now have a damaged home or business scanned after a disaster.  Enabling them to get accurate measurements of the damage, reducing claim times, and obtaining accurate estimates from construction companies for repairs. 

The future is Retail stores, in about two years online shopping in a physical space feature to allow "Brick-and-Mortar" stores to become "Click-and Mortar" stores.  This new feature will allow customers to shop in a traditional store 24-hours a day and make purchases while in a virtual tour.

Q: What is the cost?

A:  3D Virtual Tour scanning is priced per-square-foot.  Check out our price list for more details.

Q: How would I share a 3D Virtual Tour on my website?

A: Easy, even if you are not that technology savvy, the process is quite simple.  After scanning is complete (24 hours) we will provide you with two link types to use with your website or social media platform.  The first link, is a traditional web link that can be used just like any web link on any social media or website platform.  The second link, is an HTML embed code that can be placed in a webpage and the display size can be customized for your site.  We can assist you with the process at anytime if you need help.   

Q: Will the 3D Virtual Tour work on any device?


A: 3D Virtual Tours are web browser delivered and managed so, as long as the device has the latest web browser (Safari, Chrome, FireFox, Explorer, etc) it will work on Windows, iOS, and Android devices.  Loading times will vary on devices due to available device memory and data plan/internet connection. 


Q:  Can you create a virtual tours outdoors?

A:  Yes, we can take the camera outside and capture 360 degree video of exterior features and integrate them into one fully immersive 3D Virtual tours for customers to engage with your brand.